A Holiday Beer Remembered

Greetings, Here in the United States, the marketing of winter holidays has begun. This includes the marketing of what is called “Holiday Brews.” I can

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All About Stout

One of the three iconic styles of fermented malt beverages (beers), Stout, along with Lager and Ale, has seen significant change since its origins at

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What is an India Pale Ale?

What is India Pale Ale? According to The Oxford Companion to Beer, India Pale Ale started as an “October Ale” brewed at the “Country Houses”

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First, let me introduce myself. I am Peter LaFrance, author of Beer Basics and Cooking & Eating With Beer, (John Wiley & Sons, Inc. – 1995). I have also been published in American Brewer, All About Beer, and Ale Street News.

I have been writing about the brewing industry since 1984. Credits include contributing editor for Restaurant Management and Top Shelf magazines. I have also written for Beverage Media, New Brewer, Beverage Dynamics, and All About Beer magazine.

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